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Backup Utility

There are a number of factors that can totally screw up your website or web application. Traditional causes such as tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes (or typhoons), or fires but also a number of causes that you normally wouldn’t think of such as that new employee that is unfamiliar with how to use the system, problems with your hosting provider, or the dreaded hacking attempt. We have came up with a simple web-based solution to mitigate these problems from completely taking your app offline for good.


The backup utility is developed in PHP and utilizes a lightweight Sqlite database for managing and creating backup ‘jobs’. ┬áThe backup service can then be added to a web server using a simple cron job (which the utility provides for you based on where you install it). We know how important your site/application is to you and have put appropriate measures in place to ensure it’s success.

What’s even better is that we have released this on github with an MIT license. You can access it here.


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